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Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.
Martin Luther


The Attraction of Peyote: Native American Psychedelic Spiritualities by Ake Hultkrantz
The Attraction of Peyote
BACK IN PRINT! The Attraction of Peyote is an unrivalled exploration of the use of psychedelics in Native American spiritualities by one of the world’s foremost anthropologists of religions, Ake Hultkrantz. The author highlights how this psychoactive cactus began as a basis of shamanic power and eventually became a cult object and medicine for the initiated. The book is nothing less than a cultural history of Peyote, in religion, symbolism, and practice, incorporating a consideration of Christian and inter-tribal influences on Peyote traditions. Read more...
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  The Orpheus Motif in North America: The Comanche tradition
To give the reader a general idea of the form taken by the Orpheus tradition in North America, I reproduce the version of the Comanche Indians, here published for the first time. It was communicated to me orally by the late Dr Ralph Linton, who noted it down in the course of his field-studies among the Comanche (1933). Particular interest attaches to the Comanche narrative, for it is the first recorded Orpheus tradition from the more easterly Shoshonean groups. No account is given of it in Wallace and Hoebel’s Comanche monograph, which is otherwise a valuable source for the religion and folklore of this tribe.
  The Afterlife: What might it be like? by Tricia Robertson
The Afterlife: What might it be like? Before addressing the idea of how one might spend the time in an afterlife – in fact ‘Things we can do when we are dead’ – we should take time to clarify just what an afterlife may (or may not) be like.
  After Death: Private Dowding in the Wilderness by Wellesley Tudor Pole
In the introduction to "Private Dowding:The personal story of a soldier killed in battle, Wellesley Tudor Pole wrote: On Monday, 12th March 1917, I was walking by the sea when I felt the presence of someone. I looked round, no one was in sight. All that day I felt as if someone were following me, trying to reach my thoughts. Suddenly I said to myself, 'It is a soldier. He has been killed in battle and wants to communicate.'
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Dealing with Existential Angst at Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral by Michael Tymn: According to a recent survey (World Values Survey 2017-2022), only 41.7 percent of the population in the United Kingdom believes in life after death. Thus, while watching the funeral service of Queen Elizabeth… Read more
Professor De Morgan Gave Meaning to “Spiritual But Not Religious” by Michael Tymn: The biography of famed British mathematician and logician Augustus De Morgan (1806-1871) at Wikipedia is very informative and well presented, except for the section near the end when it cites psychologist… Read more
What the Nuns Forgot to Teach about the Spirit World by Michael Tymn: While attending Catholic school during the 1940s, I became familiar with several of the stories about apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as she was referred to by good Catholics, the most notable… Read more
A Spirit Explains Ectoplasm by Michael Tymn: In the February 1905 issue of “The Annals of Psychical Science,” Ernest Bozzano, an Italian psychical researcher, offers an article titled "A Defence of William Stainton Moses." It is in response to comments… Read more
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