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I am personally convinced that the evidence we have published decidedly demonstrates (1) the existence of a spiritual world, (2) survival after death, and (3) of occasional communication from those who have passed over.
~ Sir William Barrett, British physicist and author

BACK IN PRINT! Thinking Beyond the Brain: A Wider Science of Consciousness edited by David Lorimer
Thinking Beyond the Brain: A Wider Science of Consciousness
How, too, are we to account for parapsychological phenomena in which consciousness seems to defy space and time boundaries? Thinking Beyond the Brain: A Wider Science of Consciousness includes contributions from Peter Fenwick, Willis Harman, Stanislav Grof, Charles Tart, Kenneth Ring, Brian Josephson, Mark Woodhouse, Marilyn Schlitz, David Fontana, John Beloff, Erlendur Haraldsson, Michael Grosso, Andrew Powell, Roger Woolger, Ravi Ravindra and Anne Baring, with an introduction by David Lorimer. Read more...
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  Facing the Final Choice by Michael Grosso
The editor of my first book suggested I call it The Final Choice (1985). I thought the title was overdramatic and a bit grandiose. I did in part write the book in response to what seemed like the growing threat of nuclear war.
  The Nine: Briefing From Deep Space by Stuart Holroyd
Dear Reader: This story began in the late sixties and continues to this day. It could have happened to any one of you. It is the story of three people coming together to follow some apparently cosmic guidance on faith, while they repeatedly asked themselves the question “what if?” I am one of those people. The other two were Andrija Puharich MD from upstate New York, and Sir John Whitmore from England.
  Beyond Space and Time: The Unbounded Psyche by Andrew Powell
A good many years back, I was taking part in a group meditation, which began with a guided fantasy. We were asked to imagine ourselves walking in a field in the countryside on a summer day, with birds singing, bees humming and the smell of grass and flowers. Then we were instructed to look around until we saw something of special interest, to go towards it and let the experience take us where it will. This is where it took me:
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Pulitzer Prize winning Author Offers Views on Life After Death by Michael Tymn: If famous American author Booth Tarkington (1889-1946) can still tune in to the earth vibration, my thanks go to him for providing this blog, as extracted, edited and abridged from his introduction to… Read more
William James, the Minister, and the Medium by Michael Tymn: After Professor William James carried out a dozen experiments with Leonora Piper and became convinced that she had supernormal powers, he arranged for 27 of his friends, relatives, and associates to sit… Read more
Do Spirits Influence Great Artists? by Michael Tymn: “It is not every medium who is able to get into the headlines of the British press without being ridiculed, but this feat has been achieved by Herr Heinrich Nusslein,” psychical researcher Harry Price… Read more
Will Secular Students Eventually Turn to ‘Anxious Trembling’? by Michael Tymn: When I see polls or surveys stating that more and more people in Generation Z are counted as secularists, atheists, humanists, or whatever label is applied to them, I react with ambivalence and mixed emotion.… Read more
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