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The resurrection is the denial of death, being the assertion of life. Thus is all the thinking of the world reversed entirely.
A Course in Miracles


The Mind at Large: Clairvoyance, Psychics, Police and Life after Death Zofia Weaver & Krzysztof Janoszka
The Mind at Large
During 1994-95, three men disappeared while on a business trip to Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg) in Russia. After the authorities failed to locate the men, their families asked a Polish psychic for help. Using a photograph of one of the men the psychic sensed that the man was dead – as were his companions – their throats had been cut and they had been decapitated. He saw three headless bodies in a forest at a specific location. A few days later Russian police revealed that the bodies had been found as the psychic had described. ... Read more...
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  “Children and the Light” by Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick
ALF Rose had this experience many years ago when he was ill with pneumonia as a young child of four or five. Suddenly I was out of my body and floating near the top of the window in my bedroom. I could see myself in bed and my mother kneeling at the side of the bed. She was crying and looked very distressed. I gazed at this scene for a little while and remember that I didn't feel any emotion at all and was completely indifferent to what I saw. Without any warning at all I was travelling very swiftly through a dense forest.
  Proof of Survival by Lord Dowding
I think that "Raymond" is a very important book because its main purpose appears to be to convey to the world proof of human survival after death. This proof is conveyed by the publication of a series of messages from Raymond Lodge, the son of Sir Oliver Lodge, the famous scientist and author of the book.
What is Death?   “What You Call Death” by Silver Birch
Another time Silver Birch answered questions put to him by a young American soldier, whose brother had recently passed on. His first point, said the guest, was very simple. Hannen Swaffer had told him that when he first manifested Silver Birch had difficulty speaking English. So what language did the guide originally speak? The guide replied: “You see here a physical body – this that you call a medium, for the word means an intermediary, someone who is the instrument through whom something is sent. Now, there are various strata of life in our world. It is a world which is regulated by the spiritual growth of those who dwell in it. It is a graded life and in each grade – they all merge into one another – there are those who have attained that spiritual growth which enables them to dwell in that sphere or state or being.
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Why Spirit Communication Has Waned by Michael Tymn: People often ask why the communication coming from the spirit world during the first 30 or so years of the so-called spiritualism epidemic, from 1850 until around 1880, was so different, seemingly so much… Read more
When Did We have Sufficient Evidence of Consciousness Surviving Death? by Michael Tymn: In my essay for the Bigelow Essay competition of 2021, I attempted to make a legal case for life after death having been proved with overwhelming evidence by 1900. I argued that the legal doctrine of "Res… Read more
Bible Scholar Explores Modern Psychic Phenomena by Michael Tymn: Although I consider myself a Christian, even if an unorthodox one, some of my orthodox Christian friends think I’ve been hoodwinked by Satan because of my interest in paranormal phenomena, especially mediumship. Read more
Quotes on Life After Death to Ponder on at the End of 2022 by Michael Tymn: In this final blog of 2022, I decided to draw one meaningful quote from a blog appearing in each month of the year. Hopefully, the reader will find at least one that is meaningful to him or her. Thanks… Read more
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