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Let not Dame Bertha or Sir Martin think, on seeing one man rob, and one give alms, that they behold them as they seem to God; or that one may get up, and this one fall.”
~ Dante, Paradiso XIII: The Divine Comedy

Towards the Unknown: Memoir of a Psychical Researcher by Erlendur Haraldsson
Towards the Unknown: Memoir of a Psychical Researcher
In the world of parapsychology and psychical research Erlendur Haraldsson may well be remembered as one of the great investigators, particularly in field research. In a career spanning more than six decades Haraldsson worked with past luminaries such as J. B. Rhine, one of the founders of parapsychology and Ian Stevenson, whose work with children claiming past life experiences, has spawned much of the today’s reincarnation research Read more...
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  Poverty in the Afterlife by Edward C. Randall
One who has given all or nearly all of his time and thought to material things has so much to learn on arriving here, that it is a comparatively long time before he begins to ‘find’ himself sufficiently to understand and enjoy the spiritual life.
  “Daemon” by Brian Inglis
SOCRATES After his judges had found him guilty of corrupting the youth of Athens, Socrates explained why he did not intend to dispute their verdict:
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“Why Such Silence of the Tomb?” a Sectarian Theocrat Asks by Michael Tymn: The below letter was written to Dr. Richard Hodgson, then editor of the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) and was published in the Proceedings of the ASPR in March 1889. The… Read more
No One Really Dies:  A Preview by Michael Tymn: When my very skeptical friend Jim found out that I had authored another book, "No One Really Dies," we had our usual discussion. I didn’t record the conversation, but it went something like this: Read more
Suspense Novelist Michael Prescott Explores the Non-Fiction of Life After Death by Michael Tymn: Although Michael Prescott is best known as the "New York Times" and "USA Today" bestselling author of 22 suspense novels, he is also known for his blog dealing primarily with paranormal and life after… Read more
Opera Composer Tells of Psychic & Mediumistic Experiences by Michael Tymn: In his 1929 book, "A Curious Life," George Wehner (1890-1970) offers much food for thought relative to clairvoyance and trance mediumship, especially the speaking of foreign languages through a medium.… Read more
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