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‘Ask him why he doesn’t go up to where all the other dead people go,’ I said, as I left the room. Rose immediately repeated my question.
‘I DON’T BELIEVE IN THAT,’ came the answer, in a new tone of voice altogether. It sounded almost sad.
‘Why? What’s so different about being up there?’ Rose asked.
‘I’M NOT A HEAVEN MAN.’ Again, Bill sounded wistful. He seemed to have lost his usual aggressive cheekiness.
Bill Hobbs A.K.A. The Enfield Poltergeist

This House is Haunted: The True Story of the Enfield Poltergeist by Guy Lyon Playfair
This house is Haunted
Now the subject of a three part drama on Sky, “The Enfield Haunting." On August 31st 1977, normal life ended for Mrs Harper and her four children in their modest council house in a hitherto quiet corner of the north London suburb of Enfield. Compared to what was to come, the initial phenomena were relatively minor – knockings on the walls, and pieces of furniture moving in ways that did not seem normal... Read more...
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  Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I: Raymond by Michael Tymn
Second Lieutenant Raymond Lodge, attached to the South Lancashire Regiment of the Regular British Army, was killed near Ypres, Belgium on September 14, 1915 when struck by a shell fragment in the attack on Hooge Hill. The 26-year-old officer was the youngest of six sons born to Sir Oliver Lodge and Lady Mary Lodge. He had been educated at Birmingham University in mechanical engineering and had plans to become a partner with two older brothers in an engineering firm serving the government. Soon after his death, Raymond began communicating with his parents.
  The Enigma of Oil by George Moss
Oil: Is it a blessing or is it a threat, or maybe even malediction—a curse? Possibly all three views are relevant. Eyebrows were raised while fuel prices at the pump and revenues peaked, and discontent continues still as barrel price of crude oil finally drops with talk of rig workers being laid off. We just don’t seem to be able to get it quite right!
  Survival of Death by Jan Ehrenwald
THE QUESTION of survival after death could conceivably be made more specific: "Survival of what? Of personal identity? Of consciousness? Of an immortal soul?" Left ambiguous as it is, the notion of survival after death is a dogma to the religious believer, a pious wish to the skeptic, and a matter of ongoing controversy among parapsychologists.
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Fact or Fantasy? The Enfield Haunting. by Guy Lyon Playfair: Sky Living TV showed the first of three parts of its serial The Enfield Haunting on May 3rd, after a well-organised publicity campaign that sold quite a few books even before the screening, and generated… Read more
Kluski, Philip, Kardec, and the Scientific Conundrum by Michael Tymn: In the annals of psychical research, Daniel Dunglas Home (1833 – 1886) is sometimes referred to as the greatest medium ever, at least the greatest medium producing physical phenomena. He is to mediumship… Read more
The Science of the Paranormal by Michael Cocks: I have found Lawrence LeShan such a help in thinking about synchronicities such as recorded in my last blog, “Sing the Music of your Soul”. Read more
Remembering the Lusitania and the Hugh Lane Messages by Michael Tymn: Since May 7 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania off the coast of Ireland (below) by a German submarine during WWI, I thought it a good time to recall some spirit communication… Read more
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