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“Always know and remember that you are more than your physical body”. ~ Robert Monroe

Otherwhere: A Field Guide for Astral Travelers by Kurt Leland
<i>Otherwhere: A Field Guide for Astral Travelers</i> by Kurt Leland
REVISED AND EXPANDED!* Kurt Leland wrote Otherwhere: A Field Guide to Nonphysical Reality for the Out-of-Body Traveler in the early 1990s to sum up nearly twenty years of out-of-body adventures that began when he was fifteen years old. These adventures took him into nonphysical realms in which time and space behaved differently, “quite other” than we normally experience them—hence the name Otherwhere. Read more...
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  REINCARNATION: Ten Things That Suggest Past Life Existence by George Moss
In any serious discussion of the subject of ‘past lives’, the acceptable evidence is clearly a first priority. So here is presented a list of major evidential sources. But what exactly is meant by ‘evidence’?
  The Most Dynamic NDE You’ll Ever Read About
“All about and above me I could see nothing, but fancy my astonishment if you can, when looking down, I saw my body resting peacefully on the bed, representing what is commonly called a ‘dead person’,”
  What the Spirits told the Professor
One of the distinguished scientists of yesteryear featured in my book, The Articulate Dead, is Dr. Robert Hare, a professor of chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania during the 19th Century. Like most of the other scholars and scientists investigating mediumship, Hare started out as a disbeliever and expected to debunk mediumship.
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THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING — Meditation by Michael Cocks: This anonymous work of Mysticism was written in the 1300s continues to inspire many until the present day. A South Korean video introduces it well: Read more
Was Eva C a medium or a fake? by Michael Tymn: If you put the name “Marthe Béraud” (also known as Eva Carrière or just Eva C) into an Internet Search, the chances are that the first thing to pop up will be a Wikipedia entry, and you’ll read that she… Read more
Are They Really ‘Signs’ from the Other Side? by Michael Tymn: If I happened to be thinking about my deceased brother, Dennis, and came upon a coin on the sidewalk with his birth year on it, I would be amazed and astonished, even flabbergasted, whatever that means,… Read more
Exploring Non-dual Meditation – Centring Prayer. by Michael Cocks: How to relate to a God who is in all, through all, and above all? ... to a God who is experienced as Creator, and in the created, the sensory-physical world in which we are now incarnate? Plato called… Read more
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