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“Life here is a grander thing – a bolder thing, and a happier thing for all those who have led reasonable lives on Earth, but for the unreasonable there are many troubles and difficulties and sorrows to be encountered. There is a great truth in the saying that “as ye sow, so shall ye reap.”
~ William Stead

The Blue Island: Experiences of a New Arrival Beyond the Veil by William Stead and Estelle Stead
The blue Island
When on April 12, 1912, the British passenger ship, RMS Titanic, famously sank 400 miles off the coast of Canada, Estelle Stead was on a tour in the United Kingdom with her own Shakespearean drama company. One of the members of her group was a young man named Pardoe Woodman. According to Estelle, a few days before the tragedy Woodman told her over tea that there was to be a great disaster at sea and that an elderly man very close to her would be among the victims. Estelle’s father, British newspaper editor and pioneering journalist, William Thomas Stead was a passenger on the Titanic and went down with the ship. ... Read more...
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  Time in Heaven by Emanuel Swedenborg
162. Although there is a succession and a progression of all things in heaven, as there is in the world, yet angels have no notion or idea of time and space; and this ignorance is so complete that they do not even know what time and space are. Time in heaven will now be considered, and space in its own chapter.
  “Children and the Light” by Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick
ALF Rose had this experience many years ago when he was ill with pneumonia as a young child of four or five. Suddenly I was out of my body and floating near the top of the window in my bedroom. I could see myself in bed and my mother kneeling at the side of the bed. She was crying and looked very distressed. I gazed at this scene for a little while and remember that I didn't feel any emotion at all and was completely indifferent to what I saw. Without any warning at all I was travelling very swiftly through a dense forest.
  Ponder on This by H. H. Shantanand Saraswati
“The fear of death haunts the human mind of even the bravest of people. Everybody, whether great or small, learned or ignorant, fears death; but in fact there is no such thing as death. So-called “death” is nothing but a natural corollary of the phenomenon of birth.
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Titanic Victim Reported on After-Death Experiences by Michael Tymn: William T. Stead is not listed among the 334 victims of the Titanic whose bodies were recovered as they floated in their lifejackets. Indications are that he was struck on the head, possibly by a falling… Read more
Thirty Reasons Why the Afterlife Evidence is Ignored or Rejected: Pt. 2 by Michael Tymn: As discussed in the last blog post here, I see 30 reasons why the strong evidence in support of spirits and survival has been ignored or rejected. Here are reasons 16 through 30. Read more
Thirty Reasons Why the Afterlife Evidence is Ignored or Rejected by Michael Tymn: To any open-minded person who has thoroughly studied the psychical research that took place between 1850 and 1935, the evidence suggesting that consciousness lives on after death should be overwhelming. Read more
Caught in the Middle: Renaissance Man Charles Richet by Michael Tymn: There were three schools of thought relative to mediumship and other psychic phenomena during the early years of psychical research. The predominant school, that of scientific fundamentalism, held that… Read more
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