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Read not to contradict and confute nor to believe and take for granted
~ Francis Bacon

The Hidden Power: Science, Scepticism and PSI by Brian Inglis. Back in Print!
The Hidden Power
What exactly is psi? Why has the paranormal consistently been condemned by the scientific establishment? Why have its manifestations - ESP, psychokinesis, poltergeists and so on, which have been reported from every era, from every part of the world and all its walks of life - been so scathingly dismissed by supporters of scientism? Brian Inglis was bought up to regard science ‘almost as a religion’. Such, he now fears, is precisely what it has become. Like other faiths, ‘scientism’ has developed dogmas which are founded, the faithful believe, on scientific facts, but which in reality are derived largely from the materialist assumptions of the Victorian physicists. Many of these assumptions, he argues, have now been revealed as fallacious, yet the scientific establishment clings to them tenuously. Read more...
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Scientism   The Menace of Scientism by Brian Inglis
I was brought up to regard science almost as a religion. It was not preached to my generation; it was taught us as the truth.
  Poverty in the Afterlife by Edward C Randall
One who attempts to change or modify the thoughts, ambitions and desires of mankind, is undertaking a great task. The American people, more than any other, are taught from infancy that the desired goal is wealth – material wealth – and, such is the prodigality of the times, money is necessary for the pace that is set. Money – the ring and shine of gold becomes alluring, and the ambition of each is for its accumulation
  ‘Patience Worth’ and Auto-suggestion by Brian Inglis
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Is there development in the realm of Spirit? by Michael Cocks: Before we discuss this question, may I remind readers that what follows is a recording of a single occasion in years of conversations with the spirit of Stephen the Martyr, Thomas Ashman being the medium.… Read more
Life After Death: the Many Faces of Skepticism by Michael Tymn: As Brian Inglis explains it in his 1986 book, The Hidden Power, recently republished by White Crow Books Read more
Catching Up with Medium Suzanne Giesemann by Michael Tymn: When a business client heard about Suzanne Giesemann’s first book, "The Priest and the Medium," he was taken aback and asked somewhat cynically if she was really into that “stuff.” She responded that she… Read more
Healing, “Dying to Self and Rising with Christ” by Michael Cocks: St Paul’s “Dying to Self and risiing with Christ” are words that can come “trippingly on the tongue” in the words of Hamlet. But how many of us actually do this? Read more
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