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“Conventional opinion is the ruin of our souls.”
~ Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

The Dark Messiah: Magick, Gnosis and Religion by Brian Allan. BACK IN PRINT!
The Dark Messiah
Did religion legitimise magick or magick legitimise religion? Logic would suggest the latter because shamanic and animistic traditions have long predated organised religion. In this book the author delves deep into the genre and posits the idea that that religion and magick are one and the same. Read more...
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  The Life Review by Michael Tymn
After many years of murdering, raping, plundering, and pillaging with malice and forethought, twin brothers Jed and Ned were finally stopped by the police. Jed was shot and killed instantly, while Ned was apprehended and sent to prison for life. During his confinement, Ned “found” God and repented.
purgatory   Churches in Hell
In this chapter, one of the main communicators known as the "officer" talks about after physically dying, he finds himself in the illusory vibrational state we call hell, or the lower astral plane. This communication came via J.S.M. Ward in 1914 at the beginning of World War I. Here, the Officer and his accomplice come across a church, where they strike up a conversation with a deceased vicar.
  Writer, Medium, Suffragette, Spy? The Unseen Adventures of Geraldine Cummins by Wendy E. Cousins
On 7th November, 1941, at the American Legation in Phoenix Park, Dublin, a most unusual reunion took place. Only Cummins and Gray were present and at that meeting, via automatic writing, Geraldine transmitted messages purporting to come from President Roosevelt’s late mother, who had died a few months earlier, from former President Theodore Roosevelt and also from Arthur Balfour, former British Prime Minister and yet another SPR past President
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The artist God, the paint, and the picture by Michael Cocks: On You Tube I have been recently fascinated by the British child composer Alma Deutscher. At age 11, she has composed much music, including a piano concerto and an opera being performed in the Vienna opera… Read more
Did Stephen Hawking Fail to See the Forest for the Trees? by Michael Tymn: The militant atheists were running wild on the Internet recently. The death of physicist/cosmologist Stephen Hawking unleashed quite a few of them. Read more
Stephen the Martyr on The Trinity by Michael Cocks: Christians speak of God as a Holy Trinity, Father Son and Holy Spirit (Perhaps "Parent, Child, and Holy Spirit"). When they say "son" they usually have Jesus in mind. But in this communication the spirit… Read more
Dead Doctor Continues Practice After Death by Michael Tymn: Is it possible for a deceased surgeon to continue treating and operating on humans after his or her death? Read more
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