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“Death is psychologically as important as birth, and like it, is an integral part of life… As a doctor, I make every effort to strengthen the belief in immortality, especially with older patients when such questions come threateningly close. For, seen in correct psychological perspective, death is not an end but a goal, and life’s inclination towards death begins as soon as the meridian is passed.”
Carl Jung

Silver Screen Saucers: Sorting Fact from Fantasy in Hollywood's UFO Movies by Robbie Graham
Silver Screen Saucers
This book grants the reader a rare, close-up examination of the DNA that builds our perceptions of the UFO mystery. One strand of this DNA weaves real events, stories, and people from the historical record of UFOlogy, while the other spins and twists with the film and TV products they have inspired. With our alien dreams and nightmares now more fully visualized onscreen than ever before, "Silver Screen Saucers" asks the question: what does it all mean? Read more...
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Who built the first pyramids and when?—and to fulfil what purpose? These are basic questions of prime importance that should ideally have been addressed years ago; but sadly, there has been far too much conjecture and little in the way of constructive thought. There have been reasons for the latter; relating largely to a strictly materialist attitude, to adverse political agenda and to the inherent dependencies that govern project funding.
Steiner   Buddha and Christ by Rudolf Steiner
Anyone who has made himself in some degree acquainted with the nature of Buddhism, will be aware how its Founder, Gautama Buddha, evaded all questions concerning the evolution of the world, and the foundations of human existence. He would not speak of these. He would speak only of the means by which mankind could enter into a form of existence that was satisfying in itself.
  The Divine Plan by Silver Birch
YOU do not see the results of a plan because you look at these things with the eyes of matter. You judge progress in relation to your own short span of life, but we see progress because we look at things from another plane. We see the spread of knowledge, a greater understanding of spiritual things, a rise of tolerance, an increase of goodwill, a breaking down of barriers of ignorance and superstition and fear and spiritual slavery. It is not as if there were to be a sudden revolution. That could never happen, because all spiritual growth must be slow and progressive.
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“God is Love”/Quantum Mechanics/The psychic = All That Is by Michael Cocks: Many of those with deep interest in the psychic, would like church people to take some of psychic research into their understanding of Christianity. They would like to point out that what we learn from… Read more
Psychology, the Near-Death Experience, and The Isolation Crisis by Michael Tymn: As a boy growing up during the 1940s, I knew the names of everyone on my city block – at least eight houses in each direction from the house I lived in and on both sides of the street. As I pedaled my… Read more
Defying Death in Retirement Homes by Michael Tymn: Based on a television commercial, a certain retirement home in Hawaii is the place to be in your old age. People who live there are content, happy, and having a lot of fun, fully enjoying their senior… Read more
The God of Love v. Nature red in tooth and claw. by Michael Cocks: “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small..The Lord God made them all” we sang in Sunday School. Put that alongside the slaughterhouse of war, the constant suffering both in humans… Read more
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