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Love in its essence is spiritual fire.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The Certainty of Eternity: The Story of Australia's Greatest Medium by L. C. Danby
The Certainty of Eternity
One medium not so well known in the West is Australia’s Stan Walsh. Stan was arguably that country’s most talented physical medium during the early part of the 20th century. Read more...
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barbanell   What Happens After you Die? by Maurice Barbanell and Silver Birch
Clairvoyants who have witnessed the "death" of an individual tell us that they see a replica of the physical body gradually rise, connected for a while by a thread (it is what the Bible describes as the "silver cord") which is attached to a vicinity near the brain. When the thread is snapped, "death" takes place. This etheric body is then seen to rise upwards until it disappears from view.
  President Roosevelt’s secretary communicates from the afterlife
The scripts so far considered in this book were either ostensibly from persons in the remote past, evidence for whose historical existence could not be forthcoming, or from persons who, though Geraldine had not known them personally, had made names for themselves in one way or another, so that she might have gained knowledge about them through reading or hearing about them, before forgetting that she had done so. It is less easy to disparage or explain away the two sequences with which the present chapter deals, since, when the first contacts were made, she had never heard of either person.
Jesus   Natural and Supernatural: The New Testament
The Christian Church had grown from shamanist roots; and as described by the gospel writers, Jesus is the most accomplished diviner-magician of them all. His destiny has been marked out for him in Joseph's precognitive dream even before he was born; his birth is heralded by many signs and wonders, notably the star in the east which the Magi - themselves shamans - correctly interpret; and his baptism represents a recognition of his vocation, prompting him to undergo the traditional apprenticeship of self-denial - forty days and forty nights in the wilderness wrestling with the temptations of the flesh for fear that they would impede his spiritual development.
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“Soul Sickness” in Disneyland? by Michael Tymn: “Was all this real at one time, or is it all Hollywood fantasy?” That was the question I pondered on while sitting on a bench waiting for my wife and granddaughter in Disneyland’s Main Street USA theme… Read more
The Reluctant Servant by Carla Wills-Brandon: I’ve been dealing with residents of the Spirit World all of my life. Confronted with orbs of light, receiving premonitions of upcoming physical deaths, along with contact from those who have crossed over… Read more
#PsiWars by Michael Cocks: I have been experiencing a steep learning curve in the past fortnight. Oh, have I been wet behind the ears! I had been shocked to find how organised Skeptics were in “fixing” Wikipedia. Read more
Stafford Betty:  No Pretender, No Player, No Wimp by Michael Tymn: A roving reporter for a TV talk show program recently stopped people on the street and asked them to name the person they admired most. The first person named Johnny Depp, a movie actor best known for… Read more
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