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“As the world is the Divine made active, nothing in life is without significance. Each thought, word and deed has its consequences, producing positive or negative effects for the actor and, ultimately, the whole of creation.”
~ Alistair Shearer, The Upanishads

The Unanswered Question: Death, Near-Death, and the Afterlife by Kurt Leland
The Unanswered Question
BACK IN PRINT! The Unanswered Question challenges the premise that conditions in the Afterlife reported by near-death experiencers accurately portray what we actually experience after physical death. Anything we might experience in the Afterlife will exist outside of space and time as we understand them. This essentially nonphysical reality will therefore be organized in ways that our usual waking consciousness or rational mind may have trouble understanding. To make sense of it, near-death and out-of-body experiencers must represent this reality in quasi-physical terms. Translation of their nonphysical perceptions into physical images will necessarily—and often unconsciously—distort the information they bring back about the Afterlife. Read more...
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  A Question of Belief by Peter Bander
The question of life after death has occupied man’s mind since first he became consciously aware of his existence.
  Entity claiming to be Mary, Queen of Scots communicates with rescue circle in UK.
Mary Queen of Scots (1542-1587): The evening of 20th November 1995 remains so sharp in memory—heart warming—emotionally charged—historic. The visit had been attempted several months earlier, but conditions had been less than favourable and after a few minutes was terminated. No name was given then, but one present had sensed an identity, wrote it down, sealed it in an envelope and handed it to Leslie (the circle leader) for safe keeping. But now, this time the link was strong:
OBE   The Godfather of the Out-of-Body-Experience (OBE) — Robert Monroe
One night Monroe had what at first appeared to be a very strange dream. In this “dream” he found himself floating above his physical body and looking down on his sleeping body below. He got such a fright that he literally “swam” his way back to his physical body & almost immediately was inside it again.
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Spectacular Voices of the Dead Shock British Playwright by Michael Tymn: Nearly every renowned medium of the past was called a cheat or a fraud at one time or another, thereby raising doubts as to his or her credibility and otherwise significantly detracting from the weight… Read more
Was It Confucius communicating from the Afterlife or a Clever Trickster? by Michael Tymn: A friend who read Chapter 15 of my most recent book, No One Really Dies, told me that the story about Confucius communicating through the direct-voice mediumship of George Valiantine (below) in 1926 exceeds… Read more
Dr. Bruce Greyson Updates NDE Research by Michael Tymn: When I interviewed Dr. Bruce Greyson in 2004, (below) I asked him how his research in the field of near-death experiences had influenced his beliefs concerning the survival of consciousness at death. I… Read more
Is Einstein Still Laughing? The Strange Case of Rudi Schneider by Michael Tymn: “I could find no evidence of fraud or trickery, and, while retaining an alert and critical attitude of mind throughout, I had a strong feeling of some mysterious power working from within the cabinet,… Read more
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