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“It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body; There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body.”

-1 Corinthians 15: 44

"Many Mansions" by Lord Dowding
Many Mansions
By 1940 World War II was raging and one of the most prominent men in the UK was Air Chief Marshal Hugh Caswall Tremenheere Dowding - more widely known as Lord Dowding. Dowding was the commander of RAF Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain and is generally credited with playing a crucial role in Britain's air defence, which contributed to the defeat of Hitler's plan to invade Great Britain. What is less well known is, after the Battle of Britain Dowding devoted most of his life to exploring life after death; what we now refer to as psychical research. He authored four books on the subject: Many Mansions (1943), Lychgate (1945), The Dark Star (1951), and God’s Magic (1960). Read more...
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John S. King   Physical mediumship witnessed by Canadian physician
In his 1920 book, Dawn of the Awakened Mind, John S King, a Toronto physician and president of the Canadian Society for Psychical Research, tells of seeing and communicating with his deceased wife, May, during sittings with two mediums in November 1911.
  Jung Revisited
In a lecture given in 1977 John Beloff recalled that although when he read Jung's Synchronicity he had been intrigued, regarding it as 'one of the more extravagant products of Jung's fertile imagination', he had not expected it to catch on.
  Writer, Medium, Suffragette, Spy? The Unseen Adventures of Geraldine Cummins by Wendy E. Cousins
On 7th November, 1941, at the American Legation in Phoenix Park, Dublin, a most unusual reunion took place. Only Cummins and Gray were present and at that meeting, via automatic writing, Geraldine transmitted messages purporting to come from President Roosevelt’s late mother, who had died a few months earlier, from former President Theodore Roosevelt and also from Arthur Balfour, former British Prime Minister and yet another SPR past President
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Could Anglicans be a little more brave about psychic research? by Michael Cocks: Anyone familiar with White Crow Books, Victor Zammit’s weekly newsletter, or this month’s The Ground of Faith will find compelling witnesses to the reality of the spiritual dimension, to a Spirit that… Read more
Five Different Mind-Sets in the Search for Truth by Michael Tymn: When William Stainton Moses, a Church of England priest, first read about the mediumship of D. D. Home he called it the “dreariest twaddle.” His good friend, Dr. Stanhope Speer referred to it as all “stuff… Read more
“Lead Kindly Light..” by Michael Cocks: All religions see us human beings as living in more than one dimension. They see us as physical beings, who are trying to earn a living, manage the difficulties of their lives, using their reason and knowledge… Read more
‘You can prepare my bag’ by Ineke Koedam: After having developed an open mind to consciousness beyond life it is now time to draw close to dying people during their transition and to broaden our knowledge about what dying really entails. Read more
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