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They are awake, but don’t know that they are dead. They have created their own surroundings. Crowds are waiting to help them, but the three can’t see them.  Said by a spirit to Lord Dowding: (He mentions the state of two airmen and a soldier.)

The Spiritualist Prime Minister: Volume 1: Mackenzie King and the New Revelation Anton Wagner, PhD
The Spiritualist Prime Minister: Volume 1
The Spiritualist Prime Minister by historian Dr. Anton Wagner presents former Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King’s quest for spirit communication within the historical and cultural context of British, Canadian, and American Spiritualism. Mackenzie King was Canada’s longest-serving Prime Minister from 1922 to 1930 and from 1935 to 1948. Historians have ranked him as Canada’s greatest Prime Minister for his political leadership in winning Canada’s autonomy from the British Empire and for organizing Canada’s enormous war effort that enabled Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt to lead their countries to victory in World War II. Read more...
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  Where Love Rules by Albert Pauchard
"The I-Spectre" I INSIST on repeating, and I shall never do it sufficiently to my liking, what I have told you previously; i.e. that according to my experience, the moments of purgatory are not continuous. They come and go. Here as on earth, good and bad moments have their tide. With some people these moments follow each other successively, with others there are more or less long intervals. Each case is individual.
  Second Sight in Dreams by Brian Inglis
Today, the issue whether extra-sensory communication occurs in dreams - indeed, whether it occurs at all - remains in dispute. Yet both historically and in our own times, there is evidence of its occurrence which cannot be accounted for by chance coincidence. Although chance cannot be ruled out in individual cases, for the accounts as a whole it is an implausible explanation.
  Amazing Afterlife Experiments in Paris
Pierre-Emile Cornillier (1862 – 1933) was a French artist who had an interest in psychical research when, in 1912, he realized that Reine, an 18-year-old model (top photo) he had been employing for several months, had psychic abilities of some kind. He soon began some experiments with her and when she was in a “hypnotic sleep” she was able to go out of body and report on things and happenings in other places. Further experimentation involved communication with some apparently low-level spirits, but a “high spirit” named Vettellini (bottom photo, Corniellier’s conception) emerged in the ninth séance and continued on as Reine’s primary guide through 107 seances documented by Cornillier.
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Experiencing a Pre-Death Life Review by Michael Tymn: A number of people have reported a “life review” during a near-death experience (NDE) – seeing every second of their lives flash before them in what might be called a timeless moment. A man named Tom Sawyer… Read more
Deathbed Soul Mist: More Witnesses by Michael Tymn: If I Could rewrite Chapter III of my 2011 book, "The Afterlife Revealed", I would include comments made by Charels L. Tweedale, an Anglican minister, in his 1909 book, Man’s Survival After Death. The title… Read more
Messages from a ‘Dead’ Soldier to His Mother by Michael Tymn: A heartwarming movie titled "A Rumor of Angels" was released in 2002 and is occasionally seen on television reruns. The film stars Vanessa Redgrave as an elderly recluse in a small ocean-front town. She… Read more
Taking Your Toys With You At Death! by Michael Tymn: An aging friend who appears to be nearing the end of his life has become a very angry man recently. There was a time not long ago when he was very jovial as we talked over coffee or tea about such trivial… Read more
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