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...the greatest of all is charity of thought, without which the
utmost gifts of money become as pebbles in the mouths of the
Via Emily French

Other Realities?: The enigma of Franek Kluski’s mediumship by Zofia Weaver
Other Realities
Franek Kluski produced what might justifiably be described as the widest and most striking range of phenomena in the history of physical mediumship. A Pole whose professions included banking and journalism, his involvement with psychical research lasted for a brief period between 1918 and 1925. Read more...
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  Religion in the Afterlife transmitted via Emily French
  Dead Mother Comes to Woman in Dream and Helps Her Escape From Nazi Death Camp
Holocaust survivor Esther Raab's story of her mother coming to her in a dream and directing her to safety from Nazi executioners is great example of psychic functioning and worth reading.
  The French Revelation by N. Riley Heagerty
“Back in the past centuries, when the world of spirit had not its present development, there was little original inventive thought. Man built a shelter, killed his food, and fought his enemies, as any animal does. As the spirit-world progressed, and became more intelligent; as it obtained greater understanding, and grasped, with greater power, the life forces, or, in other words, more power of thought, and more ability to help mortal development, then, by reason of spirit-suggestion, acting through man’s sub-conscious mind, he began to feel an awakening for something better, and the process of civilization began.”
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Why The Afterlife Is Beyond Science by Michael Tymn: Co-founder in 1882 of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), Frederic W. H. Myers, a Cambridge scholar, is sometimes referred to as the “Father of Psychical Research.” As Myers came to realize during… Read more
“No man is an island” by Michael Cocks: Near Death Experiences, communications through mediums, clairvoyance, synchronicity and more, all owe their reality to the fact that spirit/mind is timeless, spaceless, and is an unbroken seamless whole,… Read more
From Pop Movie Star to Cloistered Nun by Michael Tymn: While watching the Bill O’Reilly show on Fox News a few weeks before Christmas, I observed an interview with Mother Dolores Hart, now a cloistered Catholic nun but a popular movie actress during the early… Read more
The Quest for the Historical Jesus by Michael Cocks: the English title of a well-known book by Albert Schweitzer, in which he presents the wildly varying views of a number of great scholars as to what Jesus the historical man “really” taught, what… Read more
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