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“Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that one.”
~ Black Elk

The World of Ted Serios: Thoughtographic Studies of an Extraordinary Mind (SECOND EDITION) by Jule Eisenbud, M.D.
The World of Ted Serios
BACK IN PRINT – with a Foreword by STEPHEN E. BRAUDE In this second edition of The World of Ted Serios: “Thoughtographic” Studies of an Extraordinary Mind by Jule Eisenbud, a Denver based psychiatrist and psychical researcher, examined anomalous “thoughtographic” phenomena ostensibly produced by Ted Serios, a Chicago hotel elevator operator who claimed he could mentally produce images on unused Polaroid film. Read more...
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  A Question of Belief by Peter Bander
The question of life after death has occupied man’s mind since first he became consciously aware of his existence.
  Premonitions of Aberfan
At approximately 9:15 a.m. on October 21, 1966, a huge coal tip, rendered unstable by underground water, slid down a mountainside in Wales, United Kingdom on to the little mining village of Aberfan.
OBE   The Godfather of the Out-of-Body-Experience (OBE) — Robert Monroe
One night Monroe had what at first appeared to be a very strange dream. In this “dream” he found himself floating above his physical body and looking down on his sleeping body below. He got such a fright that he literally “swam” his way back to his physical body & almost immediately was inside it again.
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To Levitate or To Be Levitated:  That is the Question by Michael Tymn: Was D. D. Home, the renowned medium of the nineteenth century, levitating or was he levitated? In articles I wrote for three different magazines in past years, I stated each time that Home was levitated,… Read more
Life After Death: When Skeptics Expect Too Much by Michael Tymn: Whenever the mainstream media cover something of a paranormal nature, they are sure to call in a “skeptic” to provide the viewer or reader with the questionable aspects of the phenomenon. Perhaps the two… Read more
Does Consciousness 101 Violate Church-State Separation? by Michael Tymn: Considering the insanity going on in the world today, many people believe that religion should be offered in our public schools. They claim that it will result in higher standards of morality and a more… Read more
Was Prof. William James’s ‘White Crow’ a Scammer or a Marvel? by Michael Tymn: Historical facts are often twisted, distorted, and misrepresented by historians and authors, especially those who rely on hearsay or second-, third-, and fourth-hand accounts of a person or event. This… Read more
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