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“Animals are my friends - and I don’t eat my friends.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

Engaging the Anomalous by Jack Hunter.
Engaging the Anomalous
We are pleased to announce the first title on our sister imprint, August Night Books. Engaging the Anomalous: Collected Essays on Anthropology, the Paranormal, Mediumship and Extraordinary Experience is a collection of essays written by Jack Hunter between 2010-17. Together, the essays push toward the development of a non-reductive, participatory and experiential anthropology of the paranormal. Read more...
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Scientism   The Menace of Scientism by Brian Inglis
I was brought up to regard science almost as a religion. It was not preached to my generation; it was taught us as the truth.
purgatory   Churches in Hell
In this chapter, one of the main communicators known as the "officer" talks about after physically dying, he finds himself in the illusory vibrational state we call hell, or the lower astral plane. This communication came via J.S.M. Ward in 1914 at the beginning of World War I. Here, the Officer and his accomplice come across a church, where they strike up a conversation with a deceased vicar.
  Writer, Medium, Suffragette, Spy? The Unseen Adventures of Geraldine Cummins by Wendy E. Cousins
On 7th November, 1941, at the American Legation in Phoenix Park, Dublin, a most unusual reunion took place. Only Cummins and Gray were present and at that meeting, via automatic writing, Geraldine transmitted messages purporting to come from President Roosevelt’s late mother, who had died a few months earlier, from former President Theodore Roosevelt and also from Arthur Balfour, former British Prime Minister and yet another SPR past President
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Adela Rogers St. Johns , A Famous Journalist, Explored Mediumship by Michael Tymn: Grieving the World War II death of her son Bill, Adela Rogers St. Johns (1894-1988), a renowned American journalist and screenwriter, contacted Eileen Garrett, the most famous medium of the day, not telling… Read more
The Void, Zero Point Field, and the Holographic Universe by Michael Cocks: The simple truth is that All-That-Is is timeless, spaceless, and indivisible creative Mind or Spirit. This Spirit, this Christ, creates events in Spirit, but also events involving time, space and energy.… Read more
Were the Las Vegas shooter and Austin bomber possessed? by Michael Tymn: Authorities involved with the investigation of the Las Vegas shooting massacre and the more recent Austin bombings are mystified as to what motivated such deviant, insane behavior. Neither the shooter… Read more
Pope Francis and the Atheist: What is Hell? by Michael Tymn: Although the Vatican denies that Pope Francis recently told Eugenio Scalfari, an Italian newspaper publisher, that hell doesn’t exist, my guess is that the pope actually beat around the bush on the subject… Read more
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