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No activity can be successfully pursued by an individual who is preoccupied … since the mind when distracted absorbs nothing deeply, but rejects everything which is, so to speak, crammed into it. Living is the least important activity of the preoccupied man; yet there is nothing which is harder to learn… Learning how to live takes a whole life, and, which may surprise you more, it takes a whole life to learn how to die.
Seneca on The Shortness of Life

The Secret Testament of Julian: A Novel by Simon Parke
The Secret Testament of Julian
Julian of Norwich was the first woman in the world to write a book in English, and yet had largely disappeared from view until her rediscovery during the twentieth century. A fourteenth century anchoress in Norwich, she lived in a cell for forty years, surrounded by savage plague, political inequality and religious bigotry. Yet Julian gave the world one of its most famous calls to hope: ‘All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.’ Who was she? Read more...
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  DOES FREE WILL EXIST? by Silver Birch
THE question of free will is one that has dogged man through the centuries. Can we change the course of our lives? Do we have absolute or partial free will?
  Poverty in the Afterlife by Edward C Randall
One who attempts to change or modify the thoughts, ambitions and desires of mankind, is undertaking a great task. The American people, more than any other, are taught from infancy that the desired goal is wealth – material wealth – and, such is the prodigality of the times, money is necessary for the pace that is set. Money – the ring and shine of gold becomes alluring, and the ambition of each is for its accumulation
  ‘Patience Worth’ and Auto-suggestion by Brian Inglis
In "The Nature of Mind and Human Automatism", [Franklin] Prince had written that he could not understand 'how any right-minded person, how anyone who truly seeks after knowledge, can have any sympathy with those who refuse to accept a doctrine, however strong may be the evidence on which it is based, simply from fear that when carried to its logical consequences, it may antagonize preconceived notions.' He was now himself to be confronted with another case of multiple personality which was providing strong evidence against his belief that 'mind' was the last of the supernatural phenomena, destined to be disposed of by the march of science.
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Levitations Explained? by Michael Tymn: The reports of levitations – of both humans and furniture – were abundant in the early research on mediums. Sir William Crookes, a world renowned chemist and physicist, reported seeing medium Daniel D.… Read more
Near Death Experiences and Synchronicity by Michael Cocks: Researchers trying to prove the reality off NDEs beyond reasonable doubt, have been baffled by things NOT seen in an NDE, like symbols painted over an operating table lamp, invisible except from the ceiling… Read more
When Famous Spirits Collaborate in a Group Soul by Michael Tymn: Much of the early mediumship, from around 1850 until about 1930, involved communication from what has been called a “group soul” – a number of discarnates speaking as one, or different discarnates taking… Read more
Channeling Stephen the Martyr: The Tree of Life and the Point of Unfolding by Michael Cocks: Stephen: In what way may I best assist? Michael: The point of unfolding, in each of us. [I am asking him where we are at, in our spiritual journeys. Read more
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