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“The greater number of materialists persist in their opinion simply because they have not the slightest intuition of anterior existences. … Before their reincarnation, while they were wandering in the Astral … they were in a sleep. Reincarnated, they have not the faintest echo of the past, not the least intuition, and they naturally go straight to the belief that is the most materially logical.”

~ Vettellini in The Survival of the Soul

The Survival of the Soul and Its Evolution After Death by Pierre-Emile Cornillier
The Survival of the Soul
Pierre Emile Cornillier (1862–1942) was a French artist who had an interest in psychical research. One day in 1912, he noticed that Reine, an 18-year-old model he had been employing for several months, had psychic abilities of some kind. Read more...
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  Letter from A Living Dead Man: The Pattern World
When a man comes out here, the strangers whom he meets seem no more strange than the foreign peoples seem to one who first goes among them. He does not always understand them; there, again, his experience is like a sojourn in a foreign country.
The book and newspaper tests   Book and newspaper tests
Of all the evidence gathered supporting communication with spirits, book and newspapers tests rank near the very top, says Michael Tymn.
  “From Self to Cosmic Consciousness” by Richard M. Bucke
I . . . If we are right in [the] assumption [that human evolution has not ceased] new faculties will from time to time arise in the mind as, in the past, new faculties have arisen.
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A New ‘Number One’ Book on the Afterlife. by Michael Tymn: In my blog post of December 5, 2016, I listed my “Top 30” old books – those published before 1950. Read more
Should We offer Religion or “Meaning” in our Classrooms? by Michael Tymn: Should public schools put religion in classrooms? That was the headline given to a feature editorial page article in my morning paper two weeks ago. Read more
Stephen the Martyr on the Second Coming of our Lord. by Michael Cocks: According to Stephen the Martyr, in thinking of the “Second Coming” of Christ we are not to expect some apparition of Jesus, looking like a man in the sky. We should rather look forward to a general awareness… Read more
After Death Communication: The Book Tests - Some of the Best Evidence by Michael Tymn: Anyone relying on popular Internet references for information on various renowned mediums from the past will likely conclude that they were all a bunch of fakes. The debunkers have taken control of many… Read more
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